Nick Hernandez provided an invaluable service in my efforts to find a successor for my practice. Once identifying a potential buyer, Nick was very helpful in facilitating our contract negotiations. His knowledge and availability were instrumental in assisting my attorney in drafting a proposal for the ultimate sale of my practice. Nick has been an outstanding consultant to work with. I highly recommend his services to any physician contemplating the sale of his practice to a physician, medical group or private equity.

- Dermatology


Nick was very helpful, from the very beginning of my decision-making process concerning transitioning out of my primary care career. He helped me and my partners tie up the multiple loose ends in an expeditious manner. I can highly recommend him as an asset for your organization.

- Family Medicine


ABISA services were helpful in starting a conversation. Nick is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and creates comfortable situations for both sides to come together.



Nick is a consummate professional, with experience on all sides of medical practice business and contracting. He has been an invaluable resource to our practice, Atlanta Fibroid Center, and handles every assignment expeditiously. We appreciate his responsiveness at all times, and he understands that busy weeks turn into busy weekends. He is a trustworthy member of the team, enjoyable to work with, and we highly recommend his expertise.

- Interventional Radiology


I was fortunate enough to work with Nick as he evaluated our practice. He was professional, knowledgeable and responsive. ABISA, LLC is the right choice to evaluate your business!

- ENT and Plastic Surgery


We engaged ABISA for a new venture that we embarked on without much knowledge of the space and from the first day, ABISA became not just a consultant but a real partner with a sincere interest in our success. ABISA helped us wade through compliance, legal, operational and strategic considerations as we moved forward and has kept in touch even after completing agreed deliverables. Nick is a true disciplined professional and delivers what he promises. We plan to utilize ABISA services for all our consulting needs and highly recommend ABISA to anyone requiring healthcare consulting services!

- Urgent Care


Was totally instrumental in helping me wade through the morass financial legal issues, non competes, bankruptcies that were involved in separating from a prior Medical Group + Major Med franchise I was associated with and subsequently helped me wade through the intricacies of forming a new JV with new partners. Nick was a Marine during his service years and is a Marine in civilian life. Totally reliable.

- Radiation Oncology


It has been my enormous pleasure to work with Mr. Nick Hernandez on private radiology clinic analysis. His deep insight, logical approach and broad knowledge of the medical and managerial fields has helped me develop different perspectives within many areas of our business and focus on our growth with absolute precision. While knowing many competent people within the healthcare business on many different continents, Mr. Nick Hernandez's expertise far exceeds anyone I have ever worked with. It has been truly a pleasure to work with ABISA's CEO and I will look forward to our future goals.

- Radiology


We engaged ABISA to evaluate our physician practices and identify any possible opportunities within the corporation. ABISA was very professional and identified a number of opportunities that improved the operations of the practices. I would highly recommend ABISA.

- Multispecialty


ABISA, LLC, is definitely that right company to entrust your business's consulting needs with; they are professional and invested in your company!

- Pediatrics


I can’t say enough good things about how you’ve moved this transaction forward. Thank you.


- Dermatology


Approximately, 2 years ago I saw that I had the glimmer of an opportunity to make some major changes that could potentially very positively change my destiny and make me way better off both professionally and financially. "Enter Nick the Dragon”!! He truly helped me negotiate through a jungle of legal, logistical and political snares. It was one big game of chess and Grand master Nick helped me clear the Board. He was always accessible to serve as a listening post and clearly on more than one occasion helped me foresee potential pitfalls and/or find any potential drawbacks or holes in my thinking, so we could attain a positive outcome. Additionally another detail worth noting, Nick was a U.S Marine and clearly made of the "Right Stuff"...thank you Nick!

- Radiation Oncology


Thank you for everything. Your strategic instincts were right on!


- Dermatology


We have been successful because of your expert advice. We could not have done this without you!


- Urgent Care


ABISA understands the management and oversight that goes into running a clinic. ABISA is business detail oriented but does not lose sight of the human side and compassion that is so crucial and integral to what we do on a daily basis.

- Radiation Oncology


I love working with you. You’re the kind of consultancy that makes stuff happen.


- Dermatology


ABISA has impressed me with their diligence, competence, patience, professionalism and responsiveness to the needs of the practice. I would recommend ABISA highly without any reservations whatsoever.

- Radiation Oncology


You are the first consultant we’ve talked to that gets it!


- Allergy


Excellent. Brilliant. Understands the business part of healthcare while fully understanding the clinical side of patient care.

- Oncology


Nick is decisive, smart and effective. I had the opportunity to work with him on a number of projects and each time I was thoroughly impressed with his level of experience, expertise and skill. In terms of a recommendation, if I ever had the chance to work with Nick again, I would be very fortunate.



I had the privilege to work with ABISA for over a year. Nick is a knowledgeable, creative, a person of high integrity, honest, energetic and a hard-working individual. ABISA understood the market dynamics, the business issues and looked for solutions. I recommend ABISA without any reservations. It would be a pleasure to work with ABISA again in the future.



I had a chance to work with Nick on a brief strategy consulting project looking at services. Nick was able to provide his expertise regarding the unmet service needs in that market as well as the economic advantages and drawbacks. Nick's input was highly useful for the final outcome of the project. I would contact Nick in the future if I have questions in his area of expertise.

Private Equity