ABISA is often called into medical practices to provide an outside opinion on various facets of their practice governance.

Physician Partnerships

Physician partnerships require much pre-planning, careful structuring and a whole lot of continued communication in order for them to be successful. Our team will work with you on valuation and structure, but will also help facilitate ongoing communications in order to ensure a positive environment for the new partnership.

Succession Planning

Physicians often get caught up in the daily operations of the practice while taking care of patients and lose touch with the bigger picture or overall health of their organization. Our team can help with all facets of succession planning including strategies around recruitment, partnership, and exiting. Generic templates do not work because every situation is unique. Contact us to discuss your particulars and learn how we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Governance Structure

An outdated structure can result in unnecessary ambiguity and confusion and often a lack of accountability. At ABISA, we base the structure on the core strategy, looking at the overall organizational design vice lots of piecemeal initiatives. We will analyze the strengths of your current team and survey your practice to determine the effectiveness of the organizational structure and its impact on employee productivity and satisfaction.

Executive Coaching

Leaders face enormous challenges and opportunities as the healthcare landscape changes constantly. Successfully navigating these changes requires that we change as well.  Success in healthcare is dependent upon the continued development of strong physician leaders partnered with effective administrators.