Dr. Oksana Zdanska

Dr. Oksana Zdanska currently serves as the Early Phase Team Leader/GMO lead
at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre in Sydney, Australia. Prior to these roles she
served as Interventional Procedure Chief at I-Med Radiology Network in Sydney,
Australia. Her responsibilities in these positions require her to be knowledgeable
with Australian health regulations including GMO regulations, patient privacy
laws, health services reimbursement, personalised care, cancer genomics and translational research. She spent several years in Prague working with patients in clinical trials, primarily in carcinomas of head and neck, melanomas, and advanced breast cancer. Dr. Zdanska’s expertise lies mainly in clinical research,
oncology, radiology and cardiology. Over the years, she has gained extensive
experience in clinical trials including drug development of novel treatments,
cancer genomics, administration of 1st trial treatment doses in the world,
genetically modified organisms, health services management, and laboratory
operations, and has taught healthcare courses in university MBA programs. Dr
Zdanska is a PhD candidate with her own research focused on “Patient
experiences of prolonged living with cancer during early phase trial treatment." She is a native of Czech Republic who enjoys travelling.